Modern tents are stable structures made of mostly aluminum frames with the top cover made of fabric

Tent manufacturers are always looking to improve the products to suit different climates and landscapes. Gone are the days where tents were only used for outdoor camping on remote hilltops? Today, most outdoor gatherings are held in attractive tents which are designed and customized according to customer wants and needs.

Modern tents are stable structures made of mostly aluminum frames with the top cover made of fabric. Traditional tents had guy ropes which were to be pitched around the tent to hold it up while modern ones stand on stable aluminum support and no ropes are needed.

Framed structures are more stable than conventional ones in case of heavy wind or rain. Another benefit of framed structure is that it can be easily set up against a wall or a house and the back entrance of the house can be integrated with the marquee.

Modern tents come in various shapes and sizes. Exhibition tents are modern tents which are used mainly for outdoor fairs and trade shows to display various products. Exhibition tents are stable structures and can fit into a large number of customers at the same time.

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The size of the exhibition tents can vary a lot. It may be a huge structure for auto exhibitions to small structures for conferences. No poles are constructed inside the tent and therefore it is very spacious and also provides an unobstructed view of the event.

The exhibition tents are made with aluminum frames and fabric between the frames. The frames provide durability against rain and wind while the fabric, being customizable, makes the tent look attractive. Windows and other accessories can be easily fitted on the tents which allow natural light to come inside the tent. The tents are waterproof and have UV resistant, flame retardant.

Linings can be used for tents and can be color matched according to the theme of the wedding. It can be used to cover the metal work and gives the marquee a clean look also making the tent feel a little warmer.

The exhibition tent structures can be installed on almost any surface like gravel, concrete, grass etc. as they do not require any permanent foundation. However, it only professionals should be used to construct the marquees to ensure safety for the guests. The tents are easy to deconstruct after the ceremony and has to be returned along with all its accessories to the vendor.

If one is looking to hold a gathering at their favorite location, with a marquee designed according to their choice as well as a construction which will be economical then exhibition tents provided by tent manufacturers would provide the solution.

The author is the owner of LIRI Tent Manufacturing Company, which is a renowned tent manufacturer that comes up with customized and tailor made, cost effective wedding marquee for sale for its customers. Exhibition tents are a flagship product of the company.


Gazebo marquees for event


Gazebo marquees are commonly used during trade expos and events where different companies and businesses gather at one area to advertise their products and services to the general public, getting quick and easy exposure to potential consumers. The branding gazebo marquees offer to these businesses are indispensable — even more important than the temporary shelter these portable tents offer.

When small businesses are just starting out and are trying to establish a name in the market, marketing and advertising is very important. Without reaching out to their target markets, their businesses will be doomed to fail. And one of the fastest and most effective ways of reaching out is by sponsoring and/or joining organized events.

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Organizers of fairs, concerts, trade expos, and other such events often depend on sponsorships to fund their activities and ensure their event’s success. In return for a sponsorship, the organizers often offer sponsors advertising opportunities — such as by offering them some booth space. And that’s precisely where gazebo marquees can come in.

Gazebo marquees for event are basically portable tent structures, with canopies stretched over a four-sided roofing frame and supported by four posts. When fully unfolded and mounted, the marquees look like temporary gazebos — hence the name.

With stiff competition in virtually all industries nowadays, a business needs to stand out from the crowd. Gazebo marquees offer this kind of branding. These portable tents often have canopies that you can have fully customized to your specifications — such as to have the company name on the edges, the company logo, and perhaps a few photos of your products.

Gazebo marquees can be elegant and professional. A well-designed gazebo is at once eye-catching and recognisable, and will help customers recall your company more easily whenever they remember your product or services.

If you’ve seen marquees before, put to good use by smart entrepreneurs, then you’ll know just how attractive these portable tents can be. (And, of course, you should already have a good idea of what you’d like YOUR company marquee to look like!)

When having a marquee designed, you can choose from a wide variety of sizes available. Has your company successfully sponsored a trade expo before? Then you must have a good idea of what size marquee would serve your needs best at future expos and events. Some events may give you more space than others, so you may want to invest in more than one gazebo marquee size.

Gazebo marquees are quite easy to assemble and pitch — some don’t even need any assembly anymore. Some marquees can simply be folded up into a compact bundle that’s very easy to bring around and store. One or two people can very easily set up a temporary shop with one of these, and simply fold everything up afterwards.

Marquees are also durable enough to withstand any weather, making them very attractive (and popular, too) at outdoor events, such as beach parties and fairs. No matter what the weather does, a gazebo marquee will help you carry out your business as usual.

To know more about gazebo marquees and how they can help your company reach its marketing goals, visit this site! It has everything you need to establish your company brand, and more.

Marquees for Sale and Hire for Different Occasions

There are different occasions that might prompt you to visit marquees for sale or hire dealership. Nowadays, the quality of marquees and tents has been enhanced and individuals and businesses are finding new uses for them.

Outdoor events are made more glamorous by these extravagant tents. They provide a cool and relaxed atmosphere while offering shelter in case the weather decides to wreck havoc on the big day. Besides this, the marquee or tent provides more room by allowing you to broaden an event outside. This provides more room for guests and visitors to enjoy the occasion without feeling left out.


Some of the occasions that can be held in marquees include:

Wedding Receptions
Wedding receptions are usually the climax of the big day. An outdoor wedding reception is just the thing to crown these memorable occasions. Marquee hire and sale companies have various packages for weddings and receptions. The marquee can be given a special touch by an interior design wedding planner to make it even fancier.

Special Dinners
Marquees can be used to host delightful dinners with friends, neighbours and colleagues. Choose a marquee depending on the number of people invited for the special dinner. Such an occasion can be held inside the tent during the day or night time.

Corporate Events
Outdoor corporate events can be held in marquees or tents. This is a budget friendly and informal way of impressing clients, shareholders and customers. They provide a good atmosphere for networking and socialising with fellow colleagues and potential clients or customers.

Product or service launches can also be held in marquees. Such events attract a lot of attention and must therefore be held in spectacular locations in style. Well decorated marquees offer the best product launch platforms in the market. They can be modelled to display the product or new services being launched in a captivating manner. This includes lighting effects and creative additions such as flat screen LCD screens and projectors.

Any outdoor party can seem more glamorous when held inside party tents or marquees. They provide a cool informal atmosphere for hosting birthday parties and such like occasions. This is especially useful when you have a small house that cannot effectively accommodate all the guests.

Outdoor events are getting more popular even in corporate circles. Holding such an event in the open sky is however risky due to sudden weather changes. Such events as wedding receptions, outdoor dinners, corporate functions and parties can be held conveniently in marquees or tents.

Serve clients properly for birthday party rental or a wedding party

Event planning is counted among challenging and highly competitive services nowadays. A lot of hard work, dedication and planning are required to check out different concerns of events. The event planning services include major considerations like site inspections, floral arrangements, catering, reserving audio-visual equipment and much more.

Why it has become important to hire a professional event planner? The answer is that it has become important to acquire professional assistance to avoid unnecessary challenges and obstacles related to diverse needs and requirements. The service experts come with a wide range of services to let clients save more money and time. The kind of services they offer are many like tenting, setup, staging, audio visual arrangements and much more.

Please go through this article and know about some major service options that are offered by professional event planners to serve clients properly for birthday party rental or a wedding party.

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Complete sound services

The kind of service is comprised of several aspects like sound/DJ, LED stage lighting, laser lights as well as fog machines. For DJ, the experts consider offering a variety of sound equipment options that come with best quality sound feature. Laser lights and fog machines are two other useful elements that are taken into account by the experts for sound services.

Save on tents

Another best thing about the event planners is that they help people in saving more on tents. With numerous marquee tents, the teams of experts listens to diverse needs of customers and offer a range of options to them related to maxim frame tents, hexagon tents, easy up tents and much more.

Complete preparations

Organizing any wedding or birthday party without event planners can be daunting and struggling. Here, the experts manage complete preparations ranging from preparing list of guests to dealing with vendors, catering staff, table setup, decoration setup, actual staging needs and much more.

Setup and bone china

With reference to wedding setup, party can be made memorable by making use of elegant drapery. Along with drapery, the setup needs are fulfilled by thinking on other essentials including linens, chair covers, catering equipment, décor, center pieces flowers and so on.

More can be saved on bone China also; the service experts take into account other major requirements including plates, cutlery and glassware.

Thus, from the above discussions, it can be said that numerous quality services can be expected from a professional event planning company. And hiring them can make one to feel tension free and it also enables one to save on tents and other major party requirements.

If you choose to have a wedding marquee and whether it sits nice

Because they are a vital part of event planning and decorating, the choice of whether to hire linings or purchase them should be made. Marquee hire companies are especially equipped to handle customer requests and may install the linings before the event. However, owning your very own interior lining is a great investment as you can use and reuse them for any important occasions. You may even rent them out to family and friends who are sure to be grateful to have such a significant element of party planning within reach. Outdoor party tents for sale Tepee Style Wedding Marquee: These resemble party tents which are built on a tripod arrangement of poles. This tent has exposed beams and interior ropes. This marquee looks less formal compared to other types of marquees. They provide a casual place for meeting people and starting conversations.

A wedding is one of the most important occasions in a person’s life. Aside from the fact that weddings mark a significant start of a new life, weddings also provide the opportunity for family and friends to gather together in a joyful occasion. Most women dream of their wedding day even at an early age. As such, this grand moment has been haunting women for most of their lives. Another thing that would classify a protective piece of canvas as a “party tent” would be the designs on it. Whatever shape you want for your tent, you can purchase one that has a blank or monochrome canvas. Then you can proceed to buy non-toxic canvas paints from your nearest art store, and have fun decorating your party tent with your family and friends. It’s not just the fun moments that occur inside a party tent that end up being memorable, after all – the act of decorating the tent itself could be a happy memory!

When hiring wedding tents, it is important to make sure that guests can move about without being too restricted. Having extra room will ensure that your guests are comfortable. Being outdoor is definitely better than being in a stuffy room, where circulation of air is limited. Wedding tents offer many decorating options; they can also be put up in any location due to their portable nature. Party Tent for sale Birthday Parties – Be it a child or an adult, a birthday party should always be remembered, and a marquee can help to achieve this. Most houses are too small to accommodate many guests, so a marquee in the garden can offer the extra space and comfort needed to make sure the birthday event goes off with a bang.

If you choose to have a wedding marquee and whether it sits nice and cosy in your back garden or takes up a tiny corner in the grounds of a grand stately home, you will certainly have more flexibility and choice in everything. This is obviously a personal thing as you may be someone who doesn’t like to be overwhelmed with choice, but, if you are and have lots of fantastic and favoured ideas, then the idea of wedding marquees, Winter or Summer may be just up your aisle! Regular triangular tents, sometime called teepees, don’t have as much room inside for movement as spherical party tents. Spherical tents – also called dome tents – have canvas walls that form a semi-circle. There is more room from wall to wall – and from the floor to the ceiling, overall – than there would be in triangular tents. Canopies, closed or open, may offer a larger amount of space, but the design may be too plain and boring for those used to outdoor gatherings. Opt for a little novelty!

The best wedding tents are those that have a lot of room

If you choose to have a wedding marquee and whether it sits nice and cosy in your back garden or takes up a tiny corner in the grounds of a grand stately home, you will certainly have more flexibility and choice in everything. This is obviously a personal thing as you may be someone who doesn’t like to be overwhelmed with choice, but, if you are and have lots of fantastic and favoured ideas, then the idea of wedding marquees, Winter or Summer may be just up your aisle! You will need to spend some time looking at what styles of marquees are available for you to purchase for such an important event in your lives. But learning more about the different styles you will then be able to determine exactly which one is most suitable for your special event. Having a better understanding of the different styles will help you to select one that will further enhance such a special day.

Choose a stunning Hollywood design marquee wedding celebration by taking your ideas from the Hollywood glamour age of the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. The time of the legendary movie star weddings of Bogart and Bergman, Rainier and Kelly, Olivier and Leigh, and Burton and Taylor. Party tents from china A properly designed wedding marquee is one which has appropriate lighting from the roof as well as on the sides, with an adequately set up speaker system for announcements. Inside the wedding marquee, a proper color theme needs to be carried out, in order to ensure that the theme of the wedding becomes prominent.

The party tents available today are very modern structures that may come with very appealing interiors that are fashionable as well as they may have additional features such as air conditioning for the summer and heating for the winter months. There are generally two broad categories for party tents. These are the pole tent and the frame tent. The pole tent is basically a pole that is covered with a canvas. The frame tent has a large aluminum frame or steel structure that supports the cloth without the need for any support in the middle of the tent. Second hands party tent When inclement weather threatens, it is important to rent sides for your tent which can be closed to keep out the rain and wind. Your guests will be glad for the comfort, but to be honest, the tent walls with those little plastic windows are not the most gorgeous thing you will ever see. Why not dress them up to make them a part of your wedding design instead of just something utilitarian? It would be adorable to whip up curtains to dress those plastic windows and beautify them. If you want something quick and easy to do, rent a bunch of potted trees or topiaries to place in front of the tent walls and break up all that plain white canvas.

The sizes vary depending on one’s needs. It is possible to find large tents that can accommodate huge reception parties. You will not need to worry that your guests are too many, or that there might not be enough room for your guests. The best wedding tents are those that have a lot of room. They need to be larger and taller than regular tents, to offer comfort and breathing space for the guests. used party tent Long wedding tables look like they’re the most recent desire for a wedding breakfast, and once dressed with custom timeless ivory tablecloths, together with lime-washed Chiavari chairs give a hint of romantic design and style. Every long table may be littered with square and rounded glass vases brimming with Lily of the Valley encompassed by green foliage. Napkins are simply folded and can be used to hold menus. To get a personalized effect place cards may be hand written, using a calligraphy pen, and tied up using green ribbon and dangled over each guests seat.

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So now you should have a better ideas of what types of garden marquees are available to you and which one is best for you. There are a number of online shops who will be able to supply these to you. Best price party tents The final element to consider when choosing a tent for an event is the color scheme. Is the structure going to be used for a more intimate gathering such as a wedding or is the tent being used for an entertainment type gathering where brighter colors can be used? Party canopies are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Solid colors, such as white, can be chosen for elegant parties and wedding receptions. Brighter colors and striped patterns will give the party some flare and add fun and excitement. Choose a color that will compliment the mood of the party and the decision will be easy.

Many couples are looking for ways to make their wedding day unique and special. Having an outdoor event offers many options as different effects can be used to enhance the environment. Using fountains and other water features can transform the occasion into a beautiful and therapeutic atmosphere. Wedding tents can be used to enhance the entire look. The tents also offer a practical and affordable solution, as there will be no need to hire a venue or hall. There are those who are choosing to have the whole wedding ceremony outdoors. The tents are available in different colors and are made from different materials. They can be chosen to complement the entire wedding theme. used party tents Tents are available in standard sizes such as 20′ x 20′, 20′ x 30′, 30′ x 40′, 40′ x 100′ and lots of sizes in between. So, take various factors into consideration and choose the right size so that your guests are comfortable, there is enough circulation space and you can arrange all the decorations and facilities that you want to include in your party.

Party tents have gained immense popularity as a great venue host parties. These have many benefits as mentioned above and so if you are about to host a party sometime soon, do not forget to visit this website to take a look at these amazing tents. Trying to recycle is a great idea for weddings, in particular wedding cake toppers and stands, regardless of whether it’s an auction find or a relative’s antique, the whole thing adds to the drama, a reminder of the past. The cupcake is not really king, the style here is for bright tinted macaroons. Include a separate chill-out place and fill it with lots of cushioned settees and gentle lighting, in which guests can unwind and chat.

While the fabric of marquees are intended to withstand the majority of weather conditions, you may like to purchase an optional awning for your marquee. The awning is essentially a cover, that is erected to go over part of the roof line of your marquee, as well as come down past the entrance. Luxury Party Event Tent You will discover popular marquee sizes and permutations of accessories that lots of marquee firms offer as fixed wedding marquee hire bundles that will include the marquee, carpet, linings, swags and drapes, chandelier lighting, furniture, dance floor, chair covers and sashes, and table linen. Don’t add extras on at the last minute. It is the entrance porches, separate bar marquees and outdoor furniture options that may bump up the price you pay for the hire.

Marquee Hire – How to Choose a Party Tent

Marquee Hire – How to Choose a Party Tent

OK, so you want to hire a marquee. But how do you know which sort to choose?

There are several different types of marquees with different qualities, advantages and disadvantages.

Here is a rundown:

* Frame marquees: clearspan structures with no central poles. These have lowish roofs and are very practical. Some of the advantages of frame tents include:

1. A frame marquee needs no space around it so it can make use of every available inch of spaces if space is at a premium. A frame marquee can also butt right up to a building as an extension to indoor space
2. The absence of poles inside means an unobstructed view for speeches
3. They don’t absolutely need to be pegged into the ground so can be put up on hard surfaces and weighted down. This is not a good idea in winter if strong winds are expected though.
4. They can be joined together in L or U shapes for example. So frame tents work well if you want to fit a marquee into an awkward space.

* Pole tents: more traditional with… well, poles. Better suited for fairytale weddings or classic styled events if that is what you want (though these style can also be replicated in frame tents if the practical advantages weigh heavy). There are different types of pole tents:

1. Tension tents with high sculpted roofs. Dramatic. Good if you want to really impress.
2. Plain pole tents. Less striking, more affordable, pretty.
3. Big tops – large, round, with a high central pole, as used for circuses. These are fun, but are not widely available.

* Ethnic tents: increasingly popular, typically for more unconventional events. Usually decorated in the appropriate ethnic style or in bright colours. They include:

Pyramiden-Ausstellung im Palmengarten in Frankfurt/Main, Germany Veranstaltungszelt von der  Losberger Intertent, Bad Rappenau, Germany URL:

outdoor event tents (43)

1. Mongolian yurts – sturdy structures with a homely atmosphere
2. Indian tents – highly decorative with elaborate hanging flaps and often printed linings. Typically, decorated in Eastern style with lots of lights, metal lanterns etc
3. Moroccan tents – similar to Indian tents, with a different Middle Eastern decorative style. Brightly colored drapes and low Moroccan style seating are common.
4. Tipis – native American and Scandinavian styles available. For very unconventional parties.

All these marquees come in a range of sizes. For larger events, your marquee hire options may be limited to the more widely available frame marquees and traditional style tents. Few yurts and tipis will seat more than 100, though you may be lucky and find a local supplier.

In practice, you will be limited by the marquee hire available locally so you will have to look around and see what you can find. Ethnic tents, in particular, may be difficult to source away from major population centers.

For more information and rental of both frame and traditional marquees in London and the South East, County Marquees Marquee Hire has an extensive, informative website with advice on wedding marquees, corporate and other types of events. The website also features an interactive marquee planner for detailed planning of tent layouts.

Tent Rental and get the details about Wedding Supplies

Kinds of Party Tent Rentals

Following are various kinds of tents that can be put for various events like wedding:

High peaked frame tent rentals:
These set ups are most suitable for enjoying small scale weddings. Available in main three widths, 10′,
15′, and 20′, these rental tents can be free standing construction virtually no inner poles inside. These
tents are very much striking visually and best known for its appearance.

Traditional frame tent rentals:
Such tents are mostly available for backyard events. They can be used without having any interior poles.
They can be adjusted on preferred heights. Adjust them on your chosen heights and to accommodate moderate
changes in the elevation. Also, this frame allows you to join different other setups in it to make it look
prettier and nicer.

outdoor event tents (43)

High peaked tension tents:
Most preferred for weddings and backyard events, these tents are really popular. They make a very
beautiful appearance and make an ordinary looking environment turn into an exclusive one instantly.

Traditional pole tents:
If you want to save a great deal of money, try using traditional pole tents. These tents can be easily
installed and taken out without much trouble. However, these tents are not used as a popular choice for
special events like weddings. You need to put in weights to make them work for you.

Clear span structures:
Being used for both private and public parties, these structures are most suitable for different kinds of
weddings. No need to use interior poles or free standing for using this tent.

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