choose a wedding marquee hire based on your budget

If you start to plan your wedding decoration as soon as you know which type of tent you are hiring, you can ensure that it looks spectacular and accommodates all your wedding venue needs. Equally, there are choices for the interior decor, such as linings to give a more formal feel, with choices for coloured swags and drapes, decorative lighting, dance floors and dining furniture, all of which are usually supplied by the marquee company.

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You can also choose any theme, decoration, or color scheme with marquees because basically, you start out with a large blank canvas. This blank space provides you with all the opportunities to put in your creativity, preferences, and desires to realize the perfect wedding concept that you have all your life. Luxury party tents Your budget should include consideration for the marquee hire, table decorations, chairs, lighting, table cloths and flowers etc. You may also want to hire outdoor heaters depending on what time of year you are getting married, so ensure to include those in your budget.

Most wedding marquee hires showcase a number of wedding concepts that range from contemporary to decadent. Each of these settings offer a unique experience that couples would never forget. Moreover, you can even choose a wedding marquee hire based on your budget. You may want your wedding to be unforgettable but you surely do not want to go over the top. This is not an issue with these marquee hires around because they provide you with the best reception with the budget that you have. The grounds of licensed public houses, inns or restaurants are actually excellent places for any wedding marquee together with the advantage of top quality catering. This kind of venue provides a more relaxed atmosphere to have an intimate get together of family and friends. Nonetheless, you can easily still have a cosy and romantic atmosphere. Due to the style of venue you may have time or guest number restrictions.



Having weddings and wedding receptions outdoors is a brilliant idea

A wedding is a truly special occasion and for many people it will genuinely be the best day of their lives. You will look back happily on your memory for decades to come and you ill show your children and grandchildren proud pictures of yourself getting married. It’s a time when all the family pulls together and when you celebrate love. However at the same time it can also be a stressful and difficult situation – mostly because it is so expensive to pay for and there are so many elements to consider. The most expensive aspect of all perhaps, and the most stressful on which the entire occasion hinges, is finding the venue. Without a venue a wedding cannot take place, and this is what will dictate how your wedding looks, how many people can come, how near it is, and how much budget you have left to spend on everything else.

Thus if you can find a way to make your wedding venue cheaper and more convenient then this is something that you should pounce on right away and something that will have many benefits for the rest of the wedding. One suggestion of a way to do this is to use wedding tents. Here we will look at what wedding tents entail and why they are so useful.

Wedding tents are essentially a form of party tents that are used specifically for, you guessed it, weddings. These tents are temporary shelters that can be erected on the spot and this means that an area that is outdoors can quickly be put under shelter to allow for you to enjoy cake and drinks without worrying about them being ruined by rain or insects.

Having weddings and wedding receptions outdoors is a brilliant idea. It means that you can get the location far more cheaply (because you are paying only for the ‘land’ as it were) and it means that you can fit an unlimited amount of people in. Furthermore the photographs will look amazing and it will create a great vibe, and if you get good weather it will be ideal.

However outdoor weddings without wedding tents have draw backs too. For one they’re much harder to decorate as there are no roofs or walls to hang anything from, and for another thing they’re too out in the open meaning it would only take a rain storm, a heavy wind, or hail, to ruin everything.

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With wedding tents you get the best of both worlds. On the one hand your location is still an outdoors one so you can pay a lot less and you can turn any scenic location into a wedding. You can even use the large back garden of a friend with a large garden, or you can use a beach or field that you particularly like. Then at the same time with outdoor gardens you also get the benefit of being able to easily decorate everything and not having to rely on the weather. In fact wedding tents are particularly fun to decorate as they create a fun ‘camping’ like feel and because they are smaller than many indoor wedding venues.

Using party tents as wedding tents for your wedding venues is a great way to save money and create a unique atmosphere for your special day. Follow the hyperlinks to get started.

If you are planning out your wedding with the help of an event

If you are planning out your wedding with the help of an event organizer or a management company, the best thing that you can do is to choose a properly designed marquee for your wedding. Event organizers offer a variety of different types of wedding planning options to their clients, so you can easily choose from various different options that are available. Generally, you can choose from a catalogue that depicts pictures of the variety of different types of designs and tents that are available for hire. However, the rental prices might vary depending on the different types of tents available, because the amount of decoration, lighting and designs vary according to the types of available tents. used wedding tent A country hotel boasts terrific outdoor space and, typically, substantial attractive gardens for siting the marquee and getting great photographs also. In the event the hotel appears to be shabby or perhaps you have noticed a couple of shortcomings, you should be very sure it will be the correct location for your wedding marquee.

For a one of a kind wedding venue the grounds of any sports arena, zoo, gallery, museum, or fair can easily make a great place to site a marquee. But bear in mind this is a wedding you are planning, and it can be rather difficult to make the surroundings look like a romantic wedding. Best price wedding tents for sale Seating calculations. When choosing wedding tents, there are several formulas that can be used to establish the square footage needed. For instance, if you plan to use round tables to sit eight to ten people, the plan should be 100sq.ft at least. If you settle for theater style, you will need an approximate 6 sq. ft per guest.

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Get easy to use, helpful information, tips and advice on how to plan and decorate a wedding marquee at My Wedding Marquee is a site dedicated to helping you create a dream marquee wedding reception and providing all you need to know about marquee wedding decoration. White wedding tent for sale It is not unusual to have eleventh hour variations to your guest numbers which usually means additional people rather than less. It’s not always needed to expand the marquee. You are able to play about with the marquee plan and fit an extra handful of dining tables within the dining area, or place them on the dance floor and take them away ahead of the evening disco starting. This way you will simply pay for extra furniture instead of extra bays to the marquee.

As you spend some time looking around at your wedding tent options

There will be plenty of different places for you to rent a wedding tent from but you will not want to choose just any of them. Instead you will have to make absolutely sure that you take an adequate amount of time to see which place is going to be able to offer you the very best deal on the tent that you need for your wedding. Those who are planning on having an outdoor wedding will certainly want to make sure that they get the very best tent possible, just in case the weather starts to get rainy and guests need to keep dry.

When you are trying to save money on a wedding tent rental in your area, you will need to first go online so you can see what exactly you will have to choose from. As you spend some time looking around at your wedding tent options, you will start to notice that there are going to be quite a few different businesses to rent one from. In order to get the best overall deal on one of these tent rentals though, you will have to make absolutely certain that you do a decent amount of research so you end up getting exactly what you need.

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If you need a wedding tent but cannot afford to spend a lot of money on one, it will be even more important to make certain that you really do your research so you can get exactly what you need with no problems at all. Considering how many different options you are going to have when it comes to businesses that can provide you with wedding tent rentals, the fastest and most efficient way to go about narrowing down this list is by going online.

Once you have spent a significant amount of time browsing the web and looking through your wedding tent options, you will be able to decide on the very best one. Just make sure that you do not end up getting ripped off by paying more than you absolutely need to for one of these tents, even if you are just going to be renting it. There are some great deals which you will be able to take advantage of when it comes to wedding tent rentals but it will be up to you to find the very best one out there.

Those who are currently planning a wedding and need to find a tent for their guests will absolutely want to make a point of seeing what the internet has to offer as an information-gathering resource. After you have taken some time to do your research into various businesses that rent wedding tents in your own area, you will have a much better idea as to which ones will be able to offer you the very best deals on them. You should also make sure to get the right sized tent for your wedding, just in case all of the guests end up underneath it at once.

Looking for good deals on wedding tents because you need to rent one? Follow the links to get the best wedding tent that your area can offer.

So many couples envision an outdoor wedding

There are practically a lot more other reasons of getting marquees for your wedding, but another concern is finding the best wedding marquee for the occasion. Finding marquees is no longer difficult because there are plenty of wedding marquees hires that are available online. You can simply browse through a list of wedding marquee hires in your area and choose one that would help you realize your dream wedding. Party tents usually come in two broad categories. One is the pole tent which is essentially a pole covered with canvas (there are no other concrete structures to support the cloth). The other variety is the frame tent, which is a huge aluminum or steel structure on which the cloth is placed.

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So many couples envision an outdoor wedding. They may imagine saying their vows in a spectacular location or amidst a sentimental setting, but they should not forget the practicality of planning an event outside. And usually, this means renting a tent. But wedding tent rentals do not have to stifle the outdoor setting. There are many ways to decorate the tent in order to enhance the surroundings. Marquee tents sale Most wedding marquee hires showcase a number of wedding concepts that range from contemporary to decadent. Each of these settings offer a unique experience that couples would never forget. Moreover, you can even choose a wedding marquee hire based on your budget. You may want your wedding to be unforgettable but you surely do not want to go over the top. This is not an issue with these marquee hires around because they provide you with the best reception with the budget that you have.

The Rectangular Marquee These of all the marquees we discuss in this article are the most popular one’s people are choosing to purchase. They come with ample space inside to allow for areas where people can congregate to stand and talk or to dance as well as an area where people can sit. Plus they have ample room to allow for an area to be put aside where disco or a bands equipment can be set up. Most people will use these types of garden marquees to hold events in such as wedding receptions or parties such as a wedding anniversary one. But you need to be aware if considering purchasing one of these types of marquees they need considerable amounts of space to be erected. In this article we take a look at just what a number of these factors and what you as a couple should consider before buying a marquee.

Party Tents for Weddings and Birthdays

If you are planning to host a large wedding, banquet, barbeque or other event where a large number of individuals may be in attendance then it is important to have suitable accommodations. Often it is not possible to host such large scale events indoors and factors such as weather and other conditions have to be taken into account. This is the situation where party tents are a great choice. These very versatile tents can come readymade and customized to suit many outdoor events. They may also come in many adaptable sizes and colors and be suitable for many conditions. The use of the party tent is not restricted by any means to only the once in a while use but can be seen in use in many hotels, clubs and resorts as fixtures.

The cost of party tents varies mainly according to the size and they are more commonly rented rather than owned. The field of renting these tents has therefore become a very popular and lucrative one lately. These tents have the advantage of providing a look that is both classic and inviting. They are normally guaranteed against all types of weather conditions such as both rain and sunshine. The only downfall of some of these tents is that they may be susceptible to wind so it is normally advisable to get a tent with a heavy material if the weather conditions are anticipated to be windy.


The party tents available today are very modern structures that may come with very appealing interiors that are fashionable as well as they may have additional features such as air conditioning for the summer and heating for the winter months. There are generally two broad categories for party tents. These are the pole tent and the frame tent. The pole tent is basically a pole that is covered with a canvas. The frame tent has a large aluminum frame or steel structure that supports the cloth without the need for any support in the middle of the tent.

The party tents available are quite simple to install and normally when rented this includes installation. Before deciding on a tent however several things should be taken into consideration. The occasion being planned is important as this makes a difference in deciding whether a tent with a lot of fancy accessories will be necessary. If the occasion is smaller then the use of a tent that is less fancy will be appropriate. The size of the tent required should also be considered as well as if the tent is going to be used for the view as well as shade as options such as a canopy tent are available. The use of the tent is important as if space is an issue pole tents can be avoided in preference to frame tents that do not have the pole in the middle. There are also many accessories available to the tent renter and these must also be considered and include items such as lighting.

Ten Reasons To Buy A Party Tent

I know that many people are skeptic to buy or rent a tent for a big important party and maybe you are one of them. The reasons for this may vary, but a few of the reasons I use to hear is that they are too expensive and too hard to assemble. Of course everything is relative, but below I will give you ten reasons for hosting your next important party in a tent.

These kinds of tents can be a great solution to a garden party for many reasons. They have vertical walls and this gives you maximum use of the floor area. Party tents are also delivered in sections so you can always add more sections to your party tent if you need.

For me party tents will always be the solution of choice when I host either a formal or an informal party and more and more people now see the benefits and are picking up on the idea. Lately there has literally been an explosion in the number and models available of party tents. Regardless of what kind of party you are throwing, you can always rest assure that you will find a tent that perfectly fits your needs.

Listed below a ten reasons on why you too should choose a party tent next time you are hosting a function:

1. They are the ideal solution for covering your outdoor party.

2. They can be used with or without the side and end panels.

3. They are totally portable and provide protection and security.

4. They are easy to assemble and come with full instructions.

5. They can be found ready to use and fully customized for most outdoor parties.

6. They offer a portable haven from the outdoor conditions.

7. They are a significantly cheaper option than hiring a restaurant and you have the advantage of keeping it afterwards.

8. They are designed to provide shelter for your guests.

9. They are available in various sizes and you are guaranteed to find a model that suits your needs.

10. They are very affordable as compared to other solutions, making them ideal for any occasion.

Everything you need to know about party tents can be found on the Internet or in your local mall. Simply pick the one that best suites your need the best, there simply isn’t any better solution.

Looking for information about party tents? Visit for tips on party tents and reviews.

How To Make Use Of Seasonal Colours To Style A Spring Wedding Marquee

Given that you have this beautiful blank canvas to work with in terms of decorating your wedding you could be quite adventurous and theme your decorations. A lot of couples want their weddings at home which to them provide an aura of intimacy, familiarity, and comfortableness. As such, wedding marquees are the most appropriate set-up for these weddings. There are a number of reasons why marquees are the best option.

There are three basic elements that need to be considered when selecting and purchasing a party canopy. The first element is coverage. Does the party tent need to be completely enclosed or is the top cover adequate coverage? Available for both rent and purchase, the price of a party tent can vary greatly depending on which accessories items are selected. Open-ended event tents come with the basic frame and top cover. For further protection, additional side panels can be purchased to fully enclose the tent. Aside from protection, fully enclosed party canopies provide privacy, warmth and can enhance the overall elegance of the event. There is no right or wrong decision when choosing between open-ended or enclosed tent structures. Both weather and budget will be key factors in the decision. You can find easy to use, helpful information, tips and advice on how to plan and style a wedding marquee at . My Wedding Marquee is a site dedicated to helping you create a dream marquee wedding reception. Start planning your wedding marquee reception today!


How To Make Use Of Seasonal Colours To Style A Spring Wedding Marquee .Become inspired to create a unique wedding marquee celebration by taking your lead from the vibrant greens and whites of the spring season countryside to create a stunning and unusual design, that fuses elegant tones of green, ivory and white for your timeless, intimate wedding party. Product Launches – Every product launch needs a spectacular surrounding environment, and a marquee can do just this. Marquees can come in all different shapes and sizes, but more importantly can be decorated just how you need them to be displayed. With stunning lighting effects and imaginative features, a product launch can be given the wow factor with a well thought out marquee.

Ordinary marquees with visible steel poles and structures

Ordinary marquees with visible steel poles and structures may be just fine for casual events, but for formal occasions, marquee linings are essential. Marquee linings are large, fire-retardant interior coverings that are used to dress up marquees to transform them from ordinary tents to elegant and stylish venues. Aside from large tents, these interior linings can also grace conservatories or barns changing these places from the drab and dull to fabulous and sophisticated.

Marquee linings consist of roof and wall linings, window drapes, valances and swags that hide the structure of the marquee in voluminous fabric. Because of British and European regulations, fabric must be fire-retardant in order to ensure the safety of guests. Popular shades in weddings and other events are classic ivory or white which can then be decorated with other decorations reflecting the event’s colour schemes. These interior coverings are available in pleated, ruche, or plain linings to suit the theme. Some manufacturers may be contacted to produce custom-made linings of every style, shade, and colour. Corporations hosting events may wish their interiors to emulate the company colours, further solidifying the company brand. Some companies may even go to extra lengths to convert unassuming places into an Arabian princess boudoir or a Regency era-inspired state room with purple velvet, according to customer preferences.

For weddings and anniversaries and other formal events, marquee linings are indispensable. The sight of a place lined in elegant pleated drapes will truly set the romantic mood creating a dreamy atmosphere that will make an event even more memorable. Revellers in gorgeous formal wear will feel right at home underneath a luxuriously lined area.

To add an even more indelible mark to your guests’ memories, you may choose the starcloth to grace the area over the dance floor. Starcloth is a blackout fabric fitted with fibre optics to produce an effect that is both extraordinary and whimsical. Guests will feel like they’re dancing underneath the starry skies without the fear of the elements ruining the party tents sale.


Because they are a vital part of event planning and decorating, the choice of whether to hire linings or purchase them should be made. Marquee hire companies are especially equipped to handle customer requests and may install the linings before the event. However, owning your very own interior lining is a great investment as you can use and reuse them for any important occasions. You may even rent them out to family and friends who are sure to be grateful to have such a significant element of party planning within reach.

Whether you choose to hire or to buy, marquee linings should never be absent in all your planning. Every joyous event deserves a sumptuous setting to unfold in, a spectacular backdrop that will host an event that will forever be a pleasure to reminisce about with your loved ones.

Party tents are mostly quite easy to install

When it comes to hosting a lavish wedding party, a grand banquet, a fundraiser, a quiet barbecue or any other such inviting event, a party tent is often a sound choice. Party tents can be found readymade and fully customized for most outdoor events. These tents, available in a wide range of colors and sizes, are suitable for both city and country-side locales. They are not only used by individuals, but are widely seen in hotel lawns, club premises, resorts and other such public spaces.

Party tents are much more expensive than most other varieties of tents. Their prices usually vary according to their sizes. However, party tents are normally not owned but are available for rent. Thus, tent renting has gradually become an extremely lucrative business proposition over the past few years. Adding a quaint and classic look to the organized event, party tents are warranted against water, sun and mildew. Most are manufactured to weather the elements. But if the host or the organizer anticipates windy weather, it is always advisable to use tents made of heavy material. Party tents mostly have very fashionable interiors and some luxury tents may also provide air conditioning during summers and heaters during the winter months.

Party tents usually come in two broad categories. One is the pole tent which is essentially a pole covered with canvas (there are no other concrete structures to support the cloth). The other variety is the frame tent, which is a huge aluminum or steel structure on which the cloth is placed.

Party tents are mostly quite easy to install. However a few things should always be kept in mind before taking such a thing on rent. The host should first consider the particular occasion he is hiring the tent for. For example, if the occasion is a grand wedding, decorated tents may be brought in, which are usually available with a whole lot of fancy accessories. On the other hand, if it is just a simple Saturday night barbecue, the tent does not have to look lavish at all. The size of the tent is another significant issue that should be carefully dealt with. Money should not be a big constraint, since party tents are all generally high-end tents. If the host is looking to provide both shade and a view, then going in for a canopy tent (it is open on all sides, with just a shade on top) would be a very feasible option.


When the occasion is that of a wedding or a dance party, tents with cumbersome poles should be avoided, since the poles tend to become a huge obstruction for most guests. The accessories that are usually available on rent should also be evaluated. These vary from expensive chandeliers to quartz lighting, search lights to popcorn machines. The host should keep in mind the particular age group he would be entertaining and choose his accessories accordingly. There are a number of floor options ranging from carpeting to plain plywood flooring readily available. This may also be decided according to the occasion and the budget of the organizer.

Party tents are a wonderful choice when one decides to host either a formal or an informal gathering. Not only do tents provide basic shelter, but also speak volumes for the host’s impeccable taste and sense of aesthetics.