Frame tents can be set

Renting a wedding tent is a perfect ‘Plan B’ option for several reasons: They are remarkably easy to erect and take down; You can choose the size and design to suit your occasion; You can decorate them to fit in with the theme of your wedding; Your guests can have the option to mingle inside or outside of the tent, depending on the weather; Your guests will be impressed with such an elegant structure and convenience; You can have your dream ‘outdoor’ wedding without the worry of the weather! Double decker tent The second thing you need to consider is what type of tent you will need to rent for your party. Frame tents can be set up on grass or hard surface such as asphalt and concrete. You cannot set up a traditional pole-style tent on a hard surface because of how the structure sits on the hard surface. It is recommended to do a frame tent on hard surfaces. Frame tents also look nicer than traditional pole-style tents because the top is tighter, cleaner and more modern looking.

If you have many outdoor events and parties you might be tempted to buy your own party tent rather than hiring one. This can be an expensive and time consuming option as you have to erect and dismantle the marquee yourself. The benefit of hiring a party tent is that these things and many more besides (from party planning to arranging caterer, seating and decoration) are arranged by your tent hire company. Exhibition Tent To create a magical sense, first choose the right tent theme and style. Sheer or light weight tents are pretty, and they can also give cooling effect even in hot weather.If you are planning to make your wedding at night, choosing clear top tent will be truly magical.You can use projectors to cast patterns or images onto the tent’s ceiling or sides.Plants and potted trees add warmth to the wedding tent. Wedding rentals will provide you several types of decorative trees and plants.


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