When the word marquee is mentioned, many people think

Marquees have grown in years gone by from the standard traditional type we may know from our child hood days. When the word marquee is mentioned, many people think of weddings, and assume that this is the what they are used for. Although they are not wrong because weddings are a big part of the industry, there are so many other functions that take advantage of them. This article attempts to widen the minds of the reader and educate them on the type of marquee events that these structures are commonly used for. Marquee Accessories The final element to consider when choosing a tent for an event is the color scheme. Is the structure going to be used for a more intimate gathering such as a wedding or is the tent being used for an entertainment type gathering where brighter colors can be used? Party canopies are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Solid colors, such as white, can be chosen for elegant parties and wedding receptions. Brighter colors and striped patterns will give the party some flare and add fun and excitement. Choose a color that will compliment the mood of the party and the decision will be easy.

Most wedding receptions today are being held outdoors. An outdoor wedding reception tends to be more beautiful and memorable. You can choose the ideal location where the sights and sounds compliment the whole event. There are many options available to couples and everyone can create a unique day. wedding marquee To properly plan any outdoor gathering, you must consider how to protect guests from sudden changes in weather. Party tents are the perfect answer to temporary outdoor coverage. Choosing the correct event tent may seem like a daunting task at first but in actuality the selection process can not only be simplified but fun as well.

This category is a matured sector of the business and it is normally the larger marquee companies that operate in this field. This is because the equipment they offer can cope with the capacity required for these types of events. Your talking 500 people marquees at the absolute minimum, then there may be custom structures for various stages or areas within the festival. Many types of marquees can be used, from clearspans, traditional and domes. Even inflatable types which seem to be growing in popularity. party tent What makes a party tent? Well, usually it’s the people inside them – or, more accurately, the party people inside them. If you consider yourself a real party person, even the small confines of an outdoor tent can be fun – devise fun games and neat party tricks to keep the company lively and laughing.


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