Integral Air Condtioners Set Up New Era

As more and more popular of tents application for various events,exhibitions,conferences,caterings,weddings and other purposes,it will spoil your events if is absent in Summer. Hence,AC becomes one of essential facilities for the tentage package.
Four types tent air conditioners are available: ordinary cabinet air conditioner,ordinary straight blowing air conditioner,air-conditionier with air-supply pipe,and integral air-conditioner.
As shown:
Straight Blowing Air Conditioner
Air Conditionier with Air-supply Pipe
Integral Air Conditioner
Due to the low cost,Ordinary Cabinet Air Conditioner and Straight Blowing Air Conditioner are widely used in the field of tent rental. However,with better appearance,superior performance, Integral Air Conditioner has gradually replaced the formers.
What are the advantages of Integral Air Conditioner?
1. Integrated design,immediately working when power connected,transportation and installation convenience.
2. Can be installed inside or outside the room,which can meet different requirements of usage.
3. Cooling air volume can be adjusted on three levels,high,medium & low.
4. Cooling,heating,dehumidification,three functions combined in one.
Supposing if there are some air-supply pipes that like chimneys inside of your wedding tent,is it unpleasing to see it? 10HP,20 HP,30 HP and 40 HP specifications are available. The cooling capacity of Integral Air Conditioner surpasses a lot 5HP household Cabinet Air Conditioner. The cooling capacity of Integral Air Conditioner is 5000m2/H. So it’s unncessary to install more than 10pcs Ordinary Cabinet Air Conditioners inside your tents,otherwise,much space will be wasted.

Ideas to Get the Most Out of Wedding Marquees

There many reasons to purchase wedding marquees over traditional wedding venues such as churches along with the functions rooms of hotels. For example in case you hold your wedding day in the marquee youll be able to completely personalise it around your own personal theme by using flower arrangements,guest seating,mood lighting,ambient vocals and even the positioning of staging and live band areas.

By finding a marquee on your wedding it is possible to just about style every aspect of your wedding reception venue and in many cases style the outside of the marquee itself. Marquee hire companies often provide home decorating and a few provide a selection of exterior decor to boost the region around your wedding tent. As an example some tent hire companies offer temporary wedding related props and picket fencing to provide the bit of class for the entrance in your wedding.

wedding tents
Wedding Marquee Furniture

Selecting the most appropriate furniture for the wedding is a key part of developing an impression of elegance and it can make you wedding guests feel welcomed and relaxed. There are numerous types of wedding furniture that may be hired on your marquee from standard dining chairs,to stylish gold painted antique look chairs with cushions.

Some marquee hire companies even offer outdoor lounge chairs many different parts of your wedding day venue interior. For instance you might have a region dedicated for elderly guests who want more at ease seating throughout the days proceedings and require more relaxing seats than up right dining chairs. In addition many times that you might want a childrens play area and require child sized seats and toys to make sure theyre occupied during speeches and offer giving.

Nowadays more people who find themselves planning weddings want modern-day entertainment in their wedding. Wedding marquees are perfect for all kinds of entertainment rigs as they let you setup your staging,audio/visual displays and live band where youd like them within the interior with the marquee. This is possible because modern marquee design advantages of not having support poles inside the tent method to support the ceiling. The marquee is based on a rigid frame that is visible over the walls from the tent.

wedding tents

To genuinely get the best from wedding marquees,its best to choose to host all of your big day inside marquee,from initial gathering,wedding day lunch,the actual wedding party,an evening meal along with the wedding reception party afterwards in the evening. Every one of these components of your wedding day may be held inside marquee as you have space to layout each part in various areas,like the ceremony,diner and disco area.

It really is clear to see that by holding your wedding inside a marquee can make you happy each day to keep in mind. You can style marquees with your own personal theme and layout the interior to allow you to guests feel welcome and also have space to enjoy and relax your wedding.  party tent rental

Tent rental are available for weddings, parties, trade shows, sporting events

Not only used for protection against the elements,tent rentals supply an instant venue for festivals,weddings,concerts,parties,trade shows,sporting events,ceremonies,fashion events and more.
As special event planners,tent rentals give you the freedom to design an open space suited to the events size and purpose,the number of people attending and the structures essential to the event. Tents allow you to set up and lay out the event according to your needs,without the confines of a traditional roof top venue.
Since each event is unique,research and planning will help determine the type,size and number of tents you will need to carry out the event.
party tent rental
Size Matters
Size is the most important consideration when choosing a tent and requires common sense. Rent a tent large enough for guests to move freely without overcrowding. Oppositely,do not rent a tent too large for a small group because it will seem empty and desolate if there is unused room. Try to find a size that fits a little larger than your needs; that way,you will have the extra room if necessary.
Tent size also depends on the nature and magnitude of the event. Take into account all aspects of the occasion. If you are planning a small graduation celebration,you may need extra space for a dance floor and bar in addition to chairs and buffet tables. For a much larger celebration,such as a festival or fashion show,estimate the amount of people planning to attend (tickets sold),the space needed for food and beverage areas and the approximate room needed for entertainment,stages and dressing rooms. Keep in mind all these factors when selecting a tent for your occasion.
The tents purpose dictates the number and style of tents you will need. If it is going to serve as the main venue,you will require several pole or frame style tents. If the tent is needed for a trade show booth with two or three people occupying it,a single popup shelter will suffice.
Whatever your occasion,it is best to consult a tent rental specialist to help you decide exactly which style and size tent is right for your event.
party tent rental
Indoor and Outdoor
Party Tent rentals are used for both indoor and outdoor functions as a way of organizing space. Arranged according to different stations,such as food vendors,merchant stores,first aid tents and stage crew covers,tent rentals add structure and organization to a large auditorium,stadium or park and helps guests navigate their way in unfamiliar facility or open field.
Tent rentals are not only limited to summer months and can be used outdoors throughout the year. This is due to in-tent heating and cooling systems that control the temperature inside the tent. In winter,heating systems protect guests against the cold,and in the summer,air conditioning systems keep guests cool and comfortable.
And of course,in the event of poor weather,such as rain,wind or snow,your guests,equipment and refreshments will be sheltered from these seasonal elements. They will all thank you for consulting an event rentals company.
All Purpose Venues
The versatility and practicality of tent rentals – large or small,indoor or outdoor,winter or summer – give you the freedom to build an authentic venue tailored to your event. By creating a space customized to your event needs,it permits greater flexibility and control,whereby increasing the odds of a more successful occasion.

Big romantic wedding marquee tent for 500 people with clear church windows

Big wedding tent Product Introduction:

1, The length of big wedding marquee tent could be 20m, 25m, 30m and +5m more.

2, The frame of big wedding marquee tent uses hard pressed extruded aluminium 6061/T6(13HW).

3, The fabric is double PVC-coated polyester textile. It is high quality at waterproof, flame retardant to DIN4102 B1, M2, UV resistant.

4, The maximum allowed wind speed is 100KM/h. The security and variability of our products have reached the standard of similar products in Europe.

5, Sizes available (the width of the big tent): 12m, 15m, 18m, 20m, 21m, 25m, 30m, 40m, 50m and 60m.

The specification as below:



Application : Widely used for party, outdoor exhibition tent, outdoor wedding tent, church tent, trade fair tent, celebration tent, sports event tent, military solution tent, temporary warehouse and workshop tent.

 Big Wedding Tent Optional accessories :wooden floor, glass door, glass wall, glass window, ABS hard wall, steel sandwich wall, ground anchors, anchor puller, weight plate, sidewalls with PVC-clear window, rain gutters, decoration ceilings and inside curtain, ramp, transport rack.


Benefits of temporary storage tent

Storage issues can pose lots of challenges for a business especially when it is yet to establish a permanent solution to the storage needs that it has. Various factors necessitate a storage solution and you might not even have enough time to erect a warehouse for all your storage needs. You can however find a temporary relief for the problems thanks to the temporary storage tents which are now readily in the market. The tents have assisted many in solving their storage issues as a result of the many benefits they come in.

They offer a quick solution: the tents are definitely a quite solution for your storage need and they are made using materials which make them easy to assemble and transport and in no time you will manage to erect a storage area at a place that you feel is most suitable. You no longer have to worry about your goods spending a night in an area that could end up damaging them or exposing them to contaminants with the storage tents.
party tents rental
They fit all size needs: the temporary storage tents are also beneficial in the sense that they are made in different sizes and hence they will match the size requirements for your goods. They will differ both in width and height and hence you will find the most suitable for your kind of goods and any special requirements that the goods have in terms of storage space.
They are portable: the temporary storage tents are made portable and this means that as soon as you are through with the storage need at a particular place,you will comfortably manage to move the tents to the next area or dissemble them to wait for another storage need that might arise. The portability actually also makes it easy to store them waiting for another use.
They can be short term or long term: the temporary tents can also serve short term needs or long term needs. The dealers will either offer them for hire or for sale and this easily meets with the storage needs that you have whether they are short term of log term. Since they are also made with high quality materials,you will be sure that your goods are not in any kind of risk whether for the short term use or the long term use. The tents are also quite affordable compared to the permanent erection of a warehouse.  party tents rental

wedding tents provide an ideal way for someone to host their reception

wedding tents provide an ideal way for someone to host their reception and they have many advantages over other venues for getting married. There are many reasons for this,and there are many ways in which wedding tents are superior. Here we will look at some of them and at how you get stand to benefit.

First of all,wedding tents are ideal for anyone hoping to get married somewhere that doesnt have an indoor venue for getting married. This then means that they can choose somewhere like a forest where they went on dates,or somewhere like the moors. It also means that they can get married somewhere like a friends garden if its large enough and can this way save lots of money. By quickly erecting a tent they can save a lot of time and money and create something just as nice.
The other big reason that wedding tents are so useful is that they allow you to get an outdoors feeling to your wedding without being at the mercy of the weather. An outdoor wedding is a great feeling and makes for some wonderful photographs,but unfortunately it often leaves the wedding at the mercy of the weather – and all it takes is a freak down pour for the wedding to be ruined.
To this end wedding tents are a great solution. These can be erected easily in any location by simply popping them up,and that then means that the area is kept under shelter but at the same time people are close to the outdoors and able to benefit. The wedding also of course costs a whole lot less as a result of the wedding being based somewhere that isnt a traditional venue and doesnt cost a lot of money to rent out.
But how do you go about decorating wedding tents and getting them to look on-par with what you might pay a lot of money for?
Actually this is relatively easy and surprisingly its possible to make wedding tents look just as romantic and magical as a range of other locations – even more so. The reason for this is first of all the partial light that comes in,but then also the amount of freedom you will have over the way you decorate.
You will need to get tables and chairs for instance and this is something that you need to think about in advance. Look for matching furniture if possible and think of what will look good outside. You will also probably want to have a table for gifts and similarly for the cake. Meanwhile you also need to clear space for people to dance and for any other entertainment you have planned.
Finally you should think about features you can add to draw the eye and to make your wedding different and one to remember. Things like chocolate fountains or bubble walls are perfect for wedding tents and a great way to get more out of the space.
For more on wedding tents,and how to make the most of it follow the links. Here you will find a range of party tents and more.

Liri Super Tent Theatre, 5000 Audiences Enjoyed “The Tide from Taiwan” – Jonathan Lee Concert

In the evening of 7th June,2014,”The Tide from Taiwan” was put on the stage,three well-known singers Jonathan Lee,Samuel Tai and Julia Peng presented a
great show with many classic and famous songs,5000 audiences were fascinated with this splendid concert. It is reported that The Tide from Taiwan –
Jonathan Lee concert was organized by Agile,the owners of Zhongshan Agile were invited to this concert,they also invited all celebrities in business,
culture,art,education to this show,audiences are up to 5000 people. Inside the large concert tent,the music from our Taiwan singers were quite touching
to everyone.
Liri Super Tent Theatre with 40m width and 80m length,in order to set the stage,lighting trusses and other equipments,this super tent was risen from
standard 4m to 6m. Liri Tent provided a brilliant space for this first thousand-people concert in Zhongshan City,along with the Tide Music,5000 audiences
witnessed the start of “Agile VIP Group-buying Month” in June.

Have Party Tents at Your Party

If you are one to get a party,then you need party tents. There are many famous parties where party tents prove useful. It is often inside our experience that those which do an outdoors party or those that just want to allow more room for their social event needs one of these brilliant.

Normally,it is possible to rent these. They will need a few weeks notice beforehand in order to have one thats large enough for what exactly you need it for. However,they come in pretty handy. Its better to rent them as you then dont have to worry about storing them.

The most popular times that people make use of them are for barbecues where many people are outside. A lot of people utilize them regardless of what party they have got. Some use them for graduation parties too. The most frequent kind of event where theyre used though is perfect for marriages.

The good thing regarding party tents is because are practical. They have got their purpose. For instance,many like them while they provide shade for those who dont need to be at the sun all of that often. In addition,it gives shelter for if you have a mild rain. It maintains food shaded. So,the thing is that,they have their purpose.

Sometimes,you can get them in numerous colors. You can use them in most sizes. They are ideal for to be able to add extra seating and such. A lot of people even decorate them.

So,should you be looking to further improve your party experience,then you need one of these brilliant party tents. Many individuals is going to be happy that you just did so. Few people make this happen often enough. Dont be among them. Call to find out simply how much do it yourself. Now,if you are having a small celebration then may possibly not cost it,however you can call to find out if it might be worth your time and efforts.

Tent Rental – A Simple Way to please You And Your Guests

If you hear wedding,or graduation show up in life,you dont to consider an expensive party. Your personal occasion can still be cheap,but high quality. The wedding has to be nice having a professional party rental company. Party tent sales and rentals will answer all your concerns and questions in relation to party tent rental. When planning your ” special ” event,use our resources and learn how to rent a reasonable party tent thatll be suitable for the guests! Regardless of if it is a family reunion,corporate event,or even a wedding or website was made to give you the important information to find the best tent rental company.

Based on your event,tent rental can differ in all sorts of shapes,prices and sizes. Whatever the price,feel comfortable knowing that the standard of your tent rental is going to be second to none. There are several various sorts: small pop up tents,party canopy tents,frame tents,and also tents that will withstand 50 mph winds that act like small temporary buildings. Our goal is to find the right party rental company that provides you with the equipment to produce your event profitable.

Whatever event you might be hosting,we all know it is a daunting task. There are plenty of pieces to be sure that your event is really a success. We highly recommend locating a party rental company locally to refer to you,and provide the setup and review of your following party.

Tent rental can take a regular event,and make it extraordinary. When your guests arrive it offers them the “wow” factor. A tent for your event doesnt just impress you and your guests,but it will make certain that celebration is really memorable. Dont sweat within the details,let a celebration rental company enable you to!

Find out more info on Tent Rental [],or purchase your own,Party Tent Sales [].

Wedding marquee

Liri Wedding Marquee for sale gives you the opportunity to welcome guests to a wedding reception at home or outdoor. Our marquee tents can increase a unique atmosphere to your wedding. Set up, temporarily, for a single occasion, wedding marquees are a space apart from normal life, embodying the specialness of a wedding. Liri wedding tents are very flexible. In a Liri wedding marquee tent, anything is possible: long, square, romantic, classical and themed. We have a wide range of marquee tent accessories and ancillary equipments to tailor a marquee interior to suit your wedding.
As a manufacturer, we’ve been committed to providing quality wedding tents and marquees at best prices. We provide a comprehensive manufacturing and selling service for all types of wedding tents and marquees.
Party Tent
Wedding Tent